The Concrete Poetry Re-Manifesto

This re-manifesto is from the closing night of Telefone Sem Fio: Revisiting the Word-Things of Augusto de Campos. The entire Concrete Poetry Manifesto was whispered in a line—à la the game of Telephone—and reconstructed as such:

Concrete poetry begins by assuming its order    Responsibility before accepting language    is the historic revolution of the possibility of the sun    communication is something to do about the neighbor    inducted without personality, without life    without history that’s at least without convention    insist within bearing the idea    concrete poetry is not going away from where it’s    he doesn’t dance with public or evils    directed and be the center and be the sign by there    concrete poetry is a world within itself    many subjects have possibilities beside itself    and life that is completely organized by a cycle    the physical personal properties touch with antennae    circulation heart belief    far from assault without reality    concrete poetry is self-debilitating    concentration and increased debilitation    open enough    position in absolute realism    no formal and logistic solutions    strongly positioned in the center of history’s absence    serving the systems of the sub- of the compromise poet and anachronistic healer with heart    a medieval caress    against    words as corpses are intermingled    offer a new construction that’s capable of capture    without loss or compression of the temporary    essence of the poet’s acceptable experience    may chance and frown come in    in a secondary plan upon the and    an Apollinairey future such as planned    an acceptable future    not trying to keep internal composition    with formal unity an asset diverse    even free    with complete poetry and idea grand    because of national fields and functions    moral plubus is no longer a place of acceptance    ex-tenses and linear places of x’s    with assistance by change and grants     graphic phonetic functions of reason    facts of proximity and lightness    induced substantial lightness of space    something that is maintained as a dialectic device    within grammatical restrictions of meaning    create a verb or object of analysis    in this life, words are juxtaposed    and a type possibility before    a good job.